Our story began at the moment when the founder of the Foundation, Mr. Milan Markovic, living in London and traveling the world, found inspiration in the way of life and philosophy of the Flexitarians. The foundation he represents was launched out of his sincere desire to bring and share the knowledge and experience he gained while living abroad in his homeland.

The Flexitarian Foundation was founded with the goal of promoting a style and way of life that advocates the idea of ​​a flexitarian diet, and which should encourage positive changes in the living environment.

What is a flexitarian diet and why is it useful?

The flexitarian diet is defined as a semi-vegetarian diet that contains a small amount of foods based on animal origin or is completely excluded from it. In this regard, the mission, vision and goal of the Foundation is to promote healthy food and a flexitarian diet in this way. By making changes in their diet, people are making big and significant changes in small steps that contribute to the improvement of the overall lifestyle in many aspects.

But our story has become much more than that over time.

Every decision we make as individuals has an impact on the common future of our planet. More than ever, we need to act locally while thinking and acting globally.

In order to ensure a healthy planet and to better acquaint the community with the basic ideas and postulates we promote, we have developed four main programs (Education and Promotion, Philantrophy, Food and Health, Fight for Our Planet) through which we will implement the mission, vision and goal of our Foundation. 

For this reason, we are focused on investing in projects related to food, health and education, and we are open to cooperation with all those who share our opinions and views in order to work together to improve the quality of life and educate the public about harmful practices for the environment.

As we are interested in new ideas that we are always ready to hear about, as well as opportunities to help, we listen carefully to the needs of our community.

If you want to cooperate with us, share your ideas and suggestions, donate or learn more about getting involved in the work of the Foundation, click here.

All our programs are in line with the goals of sustainable development defined by the United Nations.