The Flexitarian Foundation aims to promote healthy eating habits and the transition to plant foods in order to reduce the consumption of animal products that negatively affect the planet and contribute to climate changes. In accordance with the mission and goals, we strive to influence positive changes in the environment with our work and commitment and thus contribute to the progress and development of society, creating an environment in which a sustainable and harmonious environment is the basis of its overall prosperity in the present and future.

We strive to create a healthy and sustainable world by developing and supporting projects related to climate change, health, education, affirmation and support of youth, science and culture.


We want to provide a healthy and habitable world for present and future generations. In this regard, our work and commitment are aimed at improving and developing society as a whole, making it a better, more beautiful and humane place for individual and collective growth, development and progress. Accordingly, the Foundation will achieve its vision and goals set by the following activities:

  • performing activities in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and other requirements for environmental protection;
  • improving the quality of life, as well as alleviating unfavorable living conditions and providing opportunities to overcome social and life difficulties;
  • promotion and popularization of education, science, culture, art, creativity, entrepreneurship, sports and the use of modern technology;
  • organization of education in the form of professional gatherings, seminars and media events on the topic of healthy food and a healthy approach to life;
  • humanitarian activities that achieve common good goals;
  • organizing humanitarian and charitable gatherings in order to raise funds to achieve the goals set by the Statute;
  • creating a stimulating environment for the development and strengthening of philanthropy;
  • establishing contacts and expanding cooperation with professional institutions, organizations and individuals in the country and abroad engaged in similar activities.