With this program we want to promote the flexitarian way of life. We don't want you to stop eating the food you love because we are flexible and we want you to be too!

Through the information that will be available on our site and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, we want to show you how you can make small changes that will gradually turn to a flexitarian lifestyle and diet. In addition to recipes on flexitarian diet, both for beginners and experienced flexitarians, visitors to our site and social networks will have access to advice and opinions of prominent experts such as Veselin Radojicic and others, where all those interested will learn more about flexitarianism, and especially those who meet him for the first time will be able to get acquainted in the best way with relevant information in this area.

In addition, we will host other experts who will use their knowledge and experience to contribute to the topic of flexitarianism and its role and significance in the modern world to reach as many as possible who are ready to break with existing bad habits and start a new lifestyle, step by step, to bring more and more positive changes at the local and global level.

We also invite on the cooperation of nutritionists to get involved in working together and help us organize conferences and educational seminars in the field of flexitarianism and flexitarian lifestyle and diet.