In order to continue living on this planet, we must constantly fight for it. Climate changes is endangering the way of life of all its inhabitants, and the waste that humanity leaves behind itself growing every moment, further worsening the already disturbed natural and ecological balance. Our planet is home for all of its inhabitants and not just for us, and that is why we have no choice but to fight for it together as much as for each other. Only on that way can act locally and contribute with our actions to things, step by step, changing globally.

In the light of global environmental and climate changes, our country, like many others, faces challenges and problems that cannot be overcome solely by good will and the commitment of individuals to change certain things, but only by involving the entire community in solving them. Protecting and preserving nature and the environment for future generations means renewing land and water resources and raising the awareness of the population about the necessity of their fair and humane distribution. Only by rational use of available resources and concern for the well-being of all members of the community to which we belong, we can say that we understood the language of nature in which it constantly speaks to us, and that we respected the principles of community, humanity and solidarity we began to change ourselves and our harmful habits, and then the world in which we live.

In Serbia, almost 250,000 tons of food per year are wasted, and these are only statistical figures from private households. Supermarkets throw away food that does not meet the standard of "looking good" or if it is about to expire. If there is a mistake on the packaging, the food must also be thrown away. Due to the extremely high tax on food donations, throwing away food costs less than giving it to someone who needs it, although today there is almost no country in the world that is not affected to some extent by the problem of hunger and poverty. Unfortunately, our country is one of those that is facing this problem, and there are many in it that need to be feed and eneable them a better life.

For this reason, we advocate for changes that will contribute to the protection and preservation of nature and the environment and its terrestrial and aquatic resources for future generations, fair and humane distribution of available resources and their rational use among all community members, helping those who need your and our joint support for better and more humane living conditions.