We believe that the first step towards changes is to know how to start. Most of us consider that we cannot do much as individuals, but each of us can help because on that way, we create a better world, doing as much as we can.

This program aims to initiate the promotion of a healthy and sustainable planet in the future by organizing workshops, conferences and seminars. From our office in London, we have access to the world's best experts who will share their experiences and knowledge with the public in Serbia.

In addition, we will unite with similar organizations from around the world to learn from them and apply the knowledge gained that should bring about positive changes in our society and environment. Aware of the fact that education and knowledge have always been the main drivers of all positive changes in an environment, and especially their role and importance in light of major global challenges facing modern society today, our mission is through educatation and promotion of basic principles of sustainable development we encourage citizens to changing of their life habits, which will enable small but sure steps to build a healthy and harmonious environment for future generations.

In order to succeed and progress as individuals and society on the common path to change, we must constantly learn and acquire new knowledge, adopting and applying the experience gained through work and everyday life, professional and personal practice. We believe that power lies not only in our academic education but also in the wisdom of our ancestors collected and passed down through the generations, and our willingness to use it in the right way for the benefit of the community in which we live, create and act.

Through education, first of all of ourselves, and then of others, our environment becomes not only more educated but also a nobler and more humane place for the life of all its inhabitants.