Ecological awareness in everyday life and business practice

Ecological awareness in everyday life and business practice

Environmental awareness in the light of growing global problems

In light of growing global and environmental problems, it is expected of us to be actively involved in solving them. Protecting the environment, and above all our immediate environment on which we have a direct impact, requires to act where the problems occur. To achieve this, it is of great importance to have a developed environmental awareness and to know how to include it in everyday life and business practice.

By continuously encouraging on action and change, our main goal is to develop and spread environmental awareness among individuals and the community to which we belong, which means that we want to be active participants in solving environmental problems and thus contribute to improving the quality of life for current and future generations.

Every environmental problem is a challenge and an opportunity for positive change!

Unfortunately, environmental problems are around us. Every day, we are witnesses and observers of growing problems, which we are dealing with a lot of effort. From the street in which we live, through the city and the state to the region and entire continents, they endanger the survival of all living species, and in the first place ourselves who by their actions, often reckless and irresponsible, directly or indirectly, we influence their origin and further spread.

Excessive pollution of the human environment, air and water, uncontrolled or illegal logging and reduction of public and protected green areas, climate changes, harmful living habits and deterioration of public health of population resulting in accumulated environmental problems, are just some of the factors which complicate daily life and threaten the survival of our planet.

The modern way of life, accompanied by technical and technological development that has expanded over the past few decades and continues to develop, in addition to the many benefits it brings us, also has its downsides that put us in front of a choice between even greater benefits and personal satisfaction and loss of a healthy natural environment. If you also think that your living environment and the immediate environment to which you belong are ecologically endangered and that actions and changes are necessary, then it is high time to join us in the common struggle for a better and greener future of our planet!

Mi smo tu da zajedno sa vama rešavamo ekološke probleme sa kojima se suočavamo!

We are here to solve the environmental problems we are facing together with you!

Public concern about the state of the environment is becoming an increasingly important issue and as such cannot be ignored. That is as reality as the concern for our health, nutrition, family and livelihood. Therefore, each of us is expected to act within the limits of our capabilities, in a certain way to contribute to solving common environmental and life problems that we as individuals and society face every day.

Our basic goal, as a Foundation, is to think globally while acting locally on the society in which we are, and to help solving growing environmental problems through concrete actions, with the help and cooperation of individuals and communities, contributing to improving the quality of life where necessary and where it is expected of us.

In accordance with that, our and your common actions should contribute to:

  • promoting environmental awareness in everyday life and business practice through common involvement in solving existing environmental problems;
  • building a more beautiful and cleaner environment through the gradual change of harmful eating habits and the transition to a healthy diet;
  • continuous improvement of the health of the population through investments in a healthy environment;
  • increasing and restoring public and other green areas as a common individual and universal good of the greatest importance;
  • providing assistance to individuals, organizations, institutions and local communities to develop on the basis that will promote humanity, solidarity and progress of society in the present and future;
  • solving specific environmental problems at the level of the global and local community that should contribute to the improvement, advancement and change of harmful life habits, thus encouraging the development and further spread of environmental awareness.

Join us in the common fight for a better, healthier and greener future!

The way of life that we lead as individuals and society, largely depends on our personal decisions and choices that we make every day. By correctly understanding and applying basic life postulates, as well as making environmentally motivated decisions, we can make significant social, individual and collective changes in the long run.

That is why we invite individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to join us and take part in joint efforts to investing in the environment and environmentally sustainable development-small but safe steps, do much for a better, healthier and greener present and future!

We are here to justify your trust and common expectations, bringing positive and lasting changes in everyday life and business practice. By investing in the environment and solving environmental problems, each of us simultaneously invests not only in a better common future of our planet, but above all in a healthier, more humane and in social solidarity to which we all belong together.

Every action is inevitably accompanied by a reaction. Therefore, let our individual and joint actions always be focused on environmentally motivated decisions!

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