Daily updates on the COVID-19 pandemic will be published on this page. The author of the texts is Prof.  Justin Stebbing, MA FRCP, FRCPath, PhD, Professor of Cancer Medicine and Medical Oncology working at Imperial College London and as Editor-in-Chief at Oncogene.

The Flexitarian Society Foundation has the exclusive right to share his reports with the public in Serbia.

Vaccination campaigns in most countries have reached phased progress

Record cases in France, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands and Israel; Italy will mandate vaccines in >50 year olds in public sector jobs. Most estimate that Omicron has reduced effective protection rates against infections globally by an average of nearly 25pp, contributing to the variant’s much faster spread relative to Delta. GS’ effective protection rate against infections now stands at 50% in the US, UK, and India, 40% in the Euro Area, 20% in Japan, and just 5% in China. But, protection against hospitalisations has held up well, with a negative effect from lower vaccine efficacy offset by a positive effect from lower intrinsic severity. Their effective…

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Omicron leads to milder disease compared to the Delta variant

Macron said “I am not about pissing off the French people. But as for the non-vaccinated, I…

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Evidence of Omicron taking over and even breaking through lockdowns has led to cases rising ‘everywhere’

The UK released vaccine efficacy data against Omicron hospitalisations this week, showing an…

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New science developments for 2022 today

New science developments for 2022 today. And, as the world enters the third year of the COVID-19…

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Non-Covid papers: “Let’s keep in touch!”

“Let’s keep in touch!” is a phrase commonly used to indicate a social bond formed…

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Vaccination and the US Declaration of Independence

History lessons and back to the future today. Leak theories aside, most think Covid-19…

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Happy New Year everyone and a thought for today

Happy New Year everyone and a thought for today, at definitely my fave time of year. Christmas is…

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