Milan Markovic

founder of the Flexitarian Foundation

Milan Markovic is a British citizen born in Serbia. He started his career as a legal advisor at the National Bank of Yugoslavia and then moved to the United Kingdom where he worked in City. He is one of the founding members of the Ashmore Group, the world's leading asset development manager, where he has collaborated on sovereign bond trading and managed the Special Situation Fund. He has over 45 years of investment experience and was a "cornerstone" before the appearance of IPO investors in Beyond Meat.

He is the founder of the Flexitarian Foundation, which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the sustainable development of the planet. His philanthropic projects are mainly focused on health and education, and his current focus is on contributing to the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Velisav Radojicic

Velisav Radojicic was born in Aleksandrovac. He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Department of Process Plant Technology.

He worked as a technologist in the company "Sava Semberija" in Bijeljina, which at that time was the largest domestic factory for the production of fruits and vegetables in the Republic of Srpska. After that, he worked in the factory "HISSAR" in Prokuplje on the design, manufacture, selection and installation of equipment, commissioning of equipment and training of employees.

He continued his career as an independent consultant, providing services to small and medium-sized agricultural production plants. Since 2019, he has been a member of the team working in the vegetarian meat production plant. He is extremely engaged in promoting the significance and benefits of flexitarianism for the health of the population and the sustainable development of the planet.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Flexitarian Foundation since 2020.

Aleksa Todorovic

Aleksa Todorovic was born in Belgrade. He graduated from the European University in the field of economics and management. He has a master's degree in finance from the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration and became a member of the Serbian Association of Economists. He started working for the Erste Group in 2007, first as an associate, and since 2016 as its director.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Flexitarian Foundation since 2020, where he is also engaged as a financial and business advisor.

Frano Lasic

Frano Lasic is a well-known Yugoslav and Croatian actor. He has acted in more than 60 domestic and foreign films and television series. He has won numerous awards and recognitions for his work.

He played his roles in the films: "Occupation in 26 Pictures", "Jellyfish Raft", "Fall of Italy", "Swabian", "Cyclops", "Lumi Uko", "Harms Case", "Conspiracy", "Conspiracy", "Night Watch". , "Dirty Ten", "Aviator", "Formation" and many others.

He won a Fulbright scholarship, after which he went to Los Angeles where he specialized in film production and acting.

He is the founder of the Euro-film Production Services, which provides production services for film and television companies. With Euro-film, he provides production services for films and television series for national television and also makes films. "The Harms Case", with which he represented SFR Yugoslavia at the Cannes Film Festival in the late 1980s, has won numerous awards at festivals around the world, such as Berlin, Mannheim, Belgrade, Jerusalem, Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco. Chicago, Hong Kong.

In recent years, he has recorded various television shows ("Flying Start", "Do you want to not", "Modelle", "These are my things" and others) for local television stations, both in Croatia and in neighboring countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia).

He is also a philanthropist and honorary president of the Flexitarian Foundation, where he is in charge of media affairs.