The Flexitarian Society Foundation aims to promote healthier eating habits and the transition to plant-based foods in order to reduce consumption of animal products which negatively impact the planet and contribute to climate change.

We strive to create a healthy and sustainable world by developing and supporting projects for climate change, education, health, youth, science and culture.


We want to ensure a healthy and habitable world for future generations. We accomplish our mission through our programs. The foundation will achieve its goals through the following activities:

  • Performing activities in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and other requirements for environmental protection;
  • Improving quality of life, as well as mitigation of unfavorable life conditions and provision of opportunities for overcoming social and life difficulties;
  • Promotion and popularization of culture, science, education, art, creativity, entrepreneurship, sports and modern technology usage;
  • Organization of education in the form of professional gatherings, seminars and media performances on the topic of healthy food and healthy approach to life; Humanitarian activities by which generally useful goals are achieved;
  • Organization of humanitarian and charitable gatherings in order to raise funds for the realization of goals stipulated by the Statute;
  • Creating a stimulating environment for the development and strengthening of philanthropy;
  • Establishing contacts and expanding cooperation with professional institutions, organizations and individuals in the country and abroad, engaged in similar activities.